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Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 range keeps growing to meet the evolution of driver’s needs

14 additional sizes added to one of the widest all season offers in the market

Brussels, July 2017 – As a result of 40 years of research, development and innovation in all-season tires, Goodyear’s recently launched Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 keeps collecting awards[1] and continues to expand its size range.

Goodyear has introduced 14 new sizes of the Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 to meet the evolution of the market – with the all-season segment growing fastest in the European market[2], as drivers increasingly seek reliable tires that offer great performance and peace of mind in different weather conditions throughout the year.

The line extension is mainly focused on 17 and 18nch tires and thanks to the introduction of new sizes with W and Y speed index, more powerful cars can also be fitted with Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 tires, following the evolution of the car parc.

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 will be expanded with the following 14 new sizes with the majority already available and the others to be introduced by the end of the year:

RimTire SizeVehicle fitment (including, not limited to)Availability
15”175/65R15 84HMini, Toyota Yaris, Fiat Punto
17”205/50R17 93W XLPeugeot 2008, Mercedes A Class, Renault Megane

205/55R17 95V XLRenault Captur, Mini Countryman

215/45R17 91W XLAlfa Romeo MiTo, Opel Adam, Opel Corsa

215/50R17 95W XLFord Focus, Ford C-Max, Opel Astra

225/45R17 94W XLVW Golf, Audi A3, Alfa Romeo Giulietta

225/55R17 101W XLAudi A6, Opel Insignia, Audi A4 Allroad

225/60R17 103V XLHyundai Tucson, Jeep Cherokee12/2017

235/45R17 97Y XLVW Passat, Mercedes E Class, VW Scirocco
18”225/40R18 92Y XLVW Golf, Audi A3, Alfa Romeo Giulietta

235/45R18 98Y XLFord Mondeo, Opel Astra, VW Passat

235/60R18 107W XLAudi Q5, Range Rover Evoque, Volvo XC6012/2017

245/45R18 100Y XLAudi A6, Opel Insignia, Jaguar XF
19”235/55R19 105W XLAudi Q5, Range Rover Evoque, Volvo XC6009/2017

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[1] Test wins including but not limited to: Auto Bild allrad (de) Issue 8 - AllSeason 2017, Gute Fahrt (DE) Issue 4, Febr. 24, 2016; Auto Motor und Sport Issue 20, September 15, 2016; Auto Express (UK) Nov. 9, Allseason 2016, Auto Bild (DE) Issue 39, Sept. 25, 2015.

[2] European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers' Association Europool: Europe 2012-2016. http://www.etrma.org/statistics-2