07:14 AM

Goodyear Tires chosen by CharterWay Rental Germany

Reliability, high mileage and low fuel consumption are key criteria for Mercedes-Benz truck rental subsidiary tire choice

Goodyear has been selected by CharterWay Rental Germany as its main partner for the supply of tires and tire-related services to the company’s approximately 8,000-strong fleet. 

The contract will see Goodyear equipping tires on new vehicles as well as supplying replacement tires for the fleet. 

The tires supplied will be predominately Goodyear and related brands; these will include mainly Goodyear KMAX mileage-optimized tires along with Goodyear FUELMAX low rolling-resistance tires, winter tires and mixed service tires.

“We are very pleased to have Goodyear as our new supplier for tires,” said Martin Kehlen, Head of CharterWay Rental Germany. “We have high expectations of the Goodyear tires in terms of quality and performance to ensure reliability, high mileage and low fuel consumption.”

Dieter Schoelling, Sales General Manager Commercial for Goodyear Germany, Austria and Switzerland said, “We are delighted that the management of CharterWay Rental Germany has selected Goodyear as its tire partner. This allows us to demonstrate the outstanding product performance of our tires within the CharterWay fleet to the benefit of the company and its rental customers.”

The headquarters of CharterWay Rental Germany is in Berlin and the company has 74 rental points in Germany. More information on the company can be found at www.charterway.de.