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Goodyear “ThinkGoodMobility Challenge” engages young people across Europe to share their visions for the future of mobility

BRUSSELS, Belgium, October 15, 2015 – Goodyear, in association with ThinkYoung, launches a new initiative today, called the “ThinkGoodMobility Challenge.” It encourages young people across Europe to share their best solutions and ideas on how to address future mobility trends and challenges such as congestion, sustainability, urban pollution, interconnectivity, population growth and road safety.

The Challenge follows the recent “ThinkGoodMobility Survey,” in which STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and design and mathematics) students were asked to identify the key challenges for the automobile industry in 2025. The survey shows that young people across Europe don’t want future generations to look back on them as the generation that stood still. The challenge most cited by Millennials is to build a sustainable transport solution with a focus on environmentally-friendly technology. The second most identified challenge was to ensure in 2025 that we can drive an affordable vehicle that is able to keep up with the latest technologies. This digitally savvy generation knows how important innovation and connectivity are, and the Challenge aims to target these ambitious, enthusiastic and creative young people.

“At Goodyear we continuously work to create tires and services that meet the highest standards in road safety, innovation and sustainability to cater to your requirements today and in the future. That is why Goodyear, together with ThinkYoung, invites the drivers of the future to share their vision for smart and sustainable mobility in 2025 and to compete for the best solution”, says Carlos Cipollitti, General Director of the Goodyear Innovation Center Luxembourg.

These drivers of the future are invited to share intelligent, accessible and effective ideas on:

 • SUSTAINABLE Mobility: proposals/ideas for building a sustainable car with a focus on environmentally-friendly technology

 • SMART Mobility: proposals/ideas for building a smart, affordable car, equipped with the latest technologies and higher levels of connectivity     


In order to participate in this new challenge across Europe, entries must be submitted by university students aged between 18 and 30 before December 15 2015. An independent jury of automotive experts, comprising figures from the automotive industry, academia and WIRED magazine as well as Goodyear and Think Young representatives, will evaluate all the different proposals.

Within the framework of the challenge and aside from the recognitions for merit awarded as part of it, a six month internship at the Goodyear Global Innovation Centre in Luxembourg might be granted to an outstanding qualifying candidate who comes up with an inspiring proposal that shows a deep understanding and unique perspective on the future of mobility.  

We invite all drivers of the future to participate and visit thinkgoodmobilty.com​.

Detailed terms and conditions of the challenge, including conditions and requirements to participate, are set out in the Terms and Conditions of the Challenge available online.