09:45 AM

Goodyear supplies Jaguar Land Rover with original equipment for the new Jaguar F-PACE, Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover Velar

Goodyear proudly announces that it has been chosen by Jaguar Land Rover to supply original equipment for the new Jaguar F-PACE, Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover Velar. 

Goodyear has developed the Eagle F1 Asymmetric SUV AT for both the new Jaguar F-PACE, the brand’s first-ever SUV with outstanding dynamics and extraordinary design and the Range Rover Velar, which combines elegant simplicity with advanced technology and engineering. 

The tires will carry the distinctive “J LR” marking, indicating that these are approved by Jaguar Land Rover for its vehicles with the following fitments: 255/60R18 112W XL, 255/55R19 111W XL and 255/50R20 109W XL. The tires have been developed by Goodyear engineers to meet the manufacturer’s specific requirements on low rolling resistance, low weight and good off-road performance. 

For the new Land Rover Discovery, the family SUV with outstanding design, state-of-the-art technology and remarkable versatility, the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric SUV was homologated as original equipment in the following sizes: 255/60R19 113W XL AT, 255/55R20 110W XL AT, and 275/45R21 110W XL. 

"Designing and engineering original equipment for the new iconic Jaguar Land Rover platforms shows once again Goodyear’s capability to understand and implement the requirements of premium vehicle manufacturers,” said Nick Harley, Goodyear’s Managing Director OE Consumer EMEA. “Supplying equipment to Jaguar Land Rover has been a long-lasting success, made possible by the strong commitment of our engineers which allows us to develop tailor-made tires that deliver great efficiency, performance and quality for eagerly-awaited, premium SUV’s like Jaguar F-PACE, Range Rover Velar and Land Rover Discovery."