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Goodyear launches next generation web platform allowing consumers to make better-informed purchase decisions

Goodyear announced the launch of a new digital platform across the EMEA region.

On www.goodyear.eu, consumers will find the right Goodyear tire, test magazine ratings, the recommended retail price, as well as the nearest tire dealer.

Goodyear observed consumers’ increased eagerness to find tire information at an early stage of their purchase journey and wanted to empower drivers to make better informed decisions. The brand therefore invested in the development of a more intuitive website design, including advanced tools and enriched information.

Consumers empowered to meet their match

Choosing the right tire and finding the right dealer can be a challenge sometimes. Willing to support consumers in finding their right tire match, Goodyear has decided to shed light on tires by enriching the information provided on its website and by facilitating its presentation thanks to a user-friendly design.

Nieves Fuentes, Goodyear’s Director Digital Marketing EMEA: “Our research shows the web is increasingly becoming the key source of information to consumers when searching tires. Nearly 63% of consumers purchasing tires in Europe are informed before buying. Of those 63%, 91% opt for the Internet as their main source of information – using search engines and manufacturer websites. Our research also showed consumers’ interest to find recommended retail prices.

As such, the new website features information on Original Equipment, automotive magazine test ratings, nearby dealers, recommended retail prices... and is compatible with smartphones, tablets or PC.
The result? Consumers remain in control of their tire purchase journey, at all times.

Looping the loop of the tire purchase journey
The new digital platform will allow to go the extra mile and help consumers looping the loop”, explains Nieves Fuentes. “The tire finder tool provides today more relevant info and will enable consumers to easily understand the tire they need according to their driving style. Also, additional dealer’s information is provided and the consumers now have the possibility to directly call the dealer when the research is made on a mobile device.

Thanks to all these features, the way to new tires has never been easier.

Pilot projects across a number of EMEA markets in 2015 demonstrated an enhanced interest and added value of these tools for consumers. The tire finder tool in the new version of the website was used 20 times more often when compared to the previous version of the website, and the new dealer locator tool - allowing consumers to locate the tire dealer closest to them - showed a six-fold increase in usage in comparison to the previous version of the website.