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Goodyear is moving a generation forward towards better future mobility

Goodyear is proactively participating in and contributing to the debate about smart, safe and sustainable future mobility.

 We are on the verge of a revolution: traditional thinking on mobility, connectivity and even the role of the driver is already undergoing major changes. Advanced technologies and innovation will become even more important as road safety, reliability and flexibility are key for future mobility.   


ThinkGoodMobility platform is an initiative from Goodyear EMEA in collaboration with ThinkYoung and various stakeholders in the field of future mobility. The aim is to connect like-minded people to think and engage on safe, green and smart mobility.  

  • How will current and future trends impact the way we get from A to B?
  • What impact will autonomous driving have on road safety and mobility more generally?
  • How will big data change our lives and our work in the automotive industry?
  • What will be the next big thing? 

Societal challenges, current and future needs are at the core of ThinkGoodMobility. 

ThinkGoodMobility Challenge
The ThinkGoodMobility Challenge gives a voice to young people to share their ideas on how to address challenges like congestion, emissions, population growth, energy efficiency, ...

Find out more about the sophisticated and innovative ideas of the Top 3 innovators within the 2015 ThinkGoodMobility Challenge. + Link to TGM challenge video with all top 3 innovators.


ThinkGoodMobility Research on Future Mobility

2016 ThinkGoodMobility Survey in collaboration with LSE
Autonomous Vehicles negotiating a space on the road.

How flexible are self-driving cars in adapting to the social landscape of the road? Will drivers take advantage of autonomous vehicles (AVs) strict adherence to the rules of the road? Or, on the contrary, can rule-abiding driverless cars lead the way to positive change, encouraging higher standards of behavior and safety from all drivers?

2015 ThinkGoodMobility Survey in collaboration with ThinkYoung
Millennials views on Future Mobility in Europe !   

Millennials are often looked at as a game changing generation. The 2015 ThinkGoodMobility Survey is the first to investigate the views of young people (age 18-30) studying Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Design and Mathematics from 12 European countries on future mobility.

  • Do they still want to own a car?
  • If they do, will they share it with others?
  • How personalized to their needs do they expect cars to be?’
  • How much do they care about their carbon footprint?
  • Will they fancy self-driving technologies as much as the latest app?



Goodyear works with leading research institutions such as the London School of Economics and European think thanks such as ThinkYoung which focuses on young people.

Goodyear collaborates with key stakeholders(fleets, drivers, manufacturers, logistic providers, policy makers) to address the increasing challenges in the transport industry and shape the fleets of the future, better enabling future commercial mobility.