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Goodyear is moving a generation forward to a safer future on the road

At Goodyear we believe that road safety is the collective responsibility of road users, industry, policymakers and many other stakeholders. As a global player and a major supplier of the automotive industry, Goodyear plays a key role in driving up road safety standards, and we know that the right tire, together with appropriate driving behaviour for the weather conditions, improves driving safety significantly.

Goodyear has more than 100 years of experience in developing what is a vital part of any vehicle—the tire. Our strong commitment to road safety is part of our heritage and remains at the core of our innovation efforts.

By improving safety, Goodyear’s goal is to offer a worry-free driving experience.

Our tires are packed with cutting-edge technologies that deliver reliable performance in the most demanding of driving conditions to give you a better driving experience. Goodyear analyses over 50 safety and environmental criteria that need to be considered when judging a tire’s performance. Goodyear in Europe tests tires on its own proving grounds in Luxembourg, France, Germany and the Artic test centre in Finland

Road Safety Research

Goodyear’s research in EMEA contributes to the wider safety debate. Goodyear has collaborated with a number of leading experts in various relevant fields of road safety, such as The road as a social space and Novice Drivers.

 Please visit the ThinkGoodMobility website for an overview of the latest research by Goodyear EMEA.

Road Safety Education

Goodyear’s focus is on lifelong learning about better driving behaviour. We aim to drive behavioural change by embedding good driving behaviours at a young age, leading to good driving habits that last a lifetime. We work with a range of leading EMEA academic institutions in this area including the London School of Economics.

Road Safety Partnerships

Goodyear is a signatory to The European Road Safety Charter (ERSC), and works with a variety of key stakeholders (European Driving Schools Association, European Parents’ Association, and road assistance organisations across EMEA) to contribute to safer roads