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Goodyear FUELMAX truck tires contribute to savings in Mercedes-Benz Efficiency Run 2015: Holistic approach results in up to 14% fuel savings for a semi-trailer combination

Brussels, March 9th, 2016 – Goodyear rolling resistance optimized FUELMAX tires on trucks taking part in the Mercedes-Benz Efficiency Run 2015 contributed to an overall reduction in fuel consumption of up to 14%. Efficiency Run 2015 was organized by leading truck manufacturer Mercedes-Benz to show that fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced and operating costs lowered if optimization focusses not just on the engine but the vehicle as a whole. The run further concentrated on using equipment that is currently available on the market like the fuel efficient Goodyear FUELMAX truck tires to show what can be achieved today.

Transport companies DB Schenker Logistics and Grosse-Vehne took part in the tests using standard semi-trailer combinations equipped with Goodyear FUELMAX truck tires. The tractor units were a Mercedes-Benz Actros 1842 and an Actros 1845 optimized exclusively using components that are currently available on the market and equipped with Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC). Weight-optimized Krone Eco semitrailers, which are also available on the market, were used and fitted with aerodynamic equipment to reduce drag. The truck tires used were 315/70R22.5 Goodyear FUELMAX S on the front axles, 315/70R22.5 Goodyear FUELMAX D on the drive axle and 385/55R22.5 Goodyear FUELMAX T on the trailer axles. FUELMAX is Goodyear’s most fuel-efficient range of truck tires.  Low rolling resistance is the most important benefit of these tires and has been achieved without loss in other key performance areas such as mileage or wet braking efficiency.

The two semi-trailer combinations each consumed around 12 to 14 percent less fuel than standard semi-trailer combinations from the respective transport companies based on their 2014 figures.

"We are delighted that our fuel efficient Goodyear FUELMAX truck tires were chosen for the Efficiency Run project,” said Peter Platje, Director OE Sales Truck Tires Goodyear Europe, Middle East and Africa.  “The results from Efficiency Run 2015 show clearly that fleets can reduce their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by using equipment that is available on the market today.  Simply choosing premium low rolling resistance truck tires like FUELMAX can have a huge positive impact. Another example of this was demonstrated by internal tests carried out by German fleet Spedition Bartkowiak. Their results confirmed a fuel saving potential of up to 1.6 liters per 100 kilometers per truck with Goodyear FUELMAX tires[1]. Combined with other technologies the reduction is even higher as demonstrated by Mercedes-Benz in their Efficiency Run 2015.”

More and more fleets are discovering the economic benefits of Goodyear FUELMAX truck tires in reducing operating costs. These can be further extended by retreading the tires as TreadMax FUELMAX D and TreadMax FUELMAX T mold cure products. The TreadMax FUELMAX D, for example, is now available in five popular sizes: 315/80R22.5, 315/70R22.5, 295/80R22.5, 295/60R22.5 and 315/60R22.5. These retreads are manufactured by Goodyear to the same standards as new tires and using the same tread patterns and similar materials to those of the original tires. In this way the benefits of new FUELMAX tires are extended and further economic savings can be made.

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