19:19 PM

Goodyear Acquires Weeting Tyres

  • Acquisition aligns with Goodyear’s strategy
  • Weeting Tyres branches to remain part of the HiQ Network, under Goodyear ownership
Birmingham, UK, 4th February 2019 – Goodyear Dunlop Tyres UK Ltd announced today that it acquires Weeting Tyres, a leading tyre retail company based in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, UK.
The retailer, Weeting Tyres, currently operates as a franchisee within Goodyear’s autocare franchise network, HiQ. They have four HiQ branches and one independent branch in a geographical area with a high value car parc. All sites will become Goodyear’s equity operating under the HiQ brand going forward.
The acquisition is in line with Goodyear’s overall retail growth strategy and supports its plan to strengthen its current retail network in a changing and highly competitive market environment. Bringing Weeting Tyres into Goodyear’s equity helps the company to grow its business within the UK and extend the Goodyear product offer within the HiQ Network.
Hans Vrijsen, MD Consumer, Goodyear Dunlop Tyres UK Ltd said: “The acquisition of Weeting Tyres strengthens the competitive advantage of Goodyear and HiQ by creating an even stronger value proposition for its customers. Goodyear is responding in a smart way to the market conditions. It also confirms the importance of retail to Goodyear’s business. We have been successfully working together with Weeting Tyres since 2011 and we have been impressed by the dedication of the team and quality of the car parc in their region. We look forward to creating the branches into centres of excellence within our network.”