Copenhagen, Denmark,
11:00 AM

Go Further This Summer: Goodyear Blimp coming to Copenhagen

  • ​​​Goodyear Blimp to fly over Copenhagen on 7 - 8 August
  • Blimp to provide aerial coverage of PURE ETCR
  • Passenger flights for invited guests to take place

After last year's return to the skies, the Goodyear Blimp is visiting many more cities and events in 2021, including its first visit to Denmark this millennium - Copenhagen. The airship will fly over both the Danish capital as well as a round of the first all-electric multi-brand touring car series - PURE ETCR, providing motorsport fans with aerial coverage of the race.

On 7 - 8 August, the legendary Blimp will visit the PURE ETCR round in the city of Copenhagen. The airship will provide aerial coverage of the electric race from the sky, allowing motorsport fans to see the action from the new angle on Eurosport. This is the first season of PURE ETCR which brings the most powerful touring cars in the world to a new fanbase attracted by the championship’s thrilling battle format. Goodyear is the exclusive tire partner of PURE ETCR, having developed its Eagle F1 SuperSport race tires to harness the immense power and torque of these extreme machines. During the Danish visit, the iconic Blimp will also carry out passenger flights, providing the invited guests with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

On the way to Copenhagen, the Blimp will be going through a two-day journey, starting from Wrocław, Grünberg, and passing Frankfurt an der Oder, Berlin, Schwerin, Lübeck, Fehmarn and Copenhagen between 3 - 4 August. After the Copenhagen visit, the airship will embark on another German tour passing Fehmarn, Lübeck, Hamburg, Hildesheim, Kassel, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Stuttgart and Friedrichshafen during 9 and 10 August.

The Blimp operating in Europe is a Goodyear-branded Zeppelin NT semi-rigid airship. This model is the largest of its kind in the world today. Seen in the skies since the 1910s, the tire manufacturer’s brand ambassador not only provides once-in-a-lifetime experiences but is also used for the coverage of major events, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Malachy Tuohy, Head of Communications, Consumer Europe, said that “I’m sure motorsport fans from Denmark will be delighted to see the iconic Goodyear Blimp in the sky. The airship coming to the Copenhagen round of the PURE ETCR signifies that Goodyear is both looking back at its heritage as well as looking forward at how its technology can drive both performance and sustainability.”

3 AugustWrocław, Grünberg, Frankfurt an der Oder, Berlin
4 AugustSchwerin, Lübeck, Fehmarn, Copenhagen
6 AugustPassenger flights (from Roskilde airport)
7 - 8 AugustCopenhagen and PURE ETCR
9 AugustFehmarn, Lübeck, Hamburg, Hildesheim
10 AugustKassel, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Friedrichshafen
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