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Fulda launches the SportControl 2: a new Ultra-High Performance tire for controlled sporty driving

Brussels, February 2017 – Fulda announces the launch of the SportControl 2, its new Ultra-High Performance (UHP) summer tire. The SportControl 2 aims to provide enhanced performance on wet and dry roads. With its latest UHP tire, Fulda again offers high quality German technology at a wallet-friendly price without compromising on performance.

Ultra-high performance

By creating an advanced tread design which optimizes contact with the road and balances the tire’s pressure distribution, Fulda engineers were able to provide a short braking distance on dry roads.

Reduced tire tread deformation, created by the wide and stiff outside shoulder, delivers better steering precision allowing for high performance on dry roads.[1]

Additionally, the multiple AquaFlow grooves enable quick water evacuation and traction on wet surfaces. The silica tread compound enhances the driver’s control on wet roads.[1]

Great value for money

Not only does the Fulda SportControl 2 offer drivers confidence when driving on wet and dry surfaces, it provides great value for money as well. The tire features an optimized tread footprint and cavity which keeps the tread wear even, resulting in more mileage.[1]

The low weight construction and compound technology allow for better control over energy loss, reducing the rolling resistance which results in a lower fuel consumption.[1]

“Fulda is always striving for improved products and increased customer satisfaction. With its high mileage capabilities, The Fulda SportControl 2 provides great value for money. Our consumers will not only get a tire which is friendly to the wallet, but thanks to its great handling they will also get a performance tire”, says Martijn De Jonge Brand Director Consumer PBU EMEA at Goodyear.

The SportControl 2 is currently available in 48 sizes covering 52% of the market[2].

[1] Compared to predecessor

[2] *Europool 2010-2015 by SIZE _ East+West incl Baltics incl Turkey.xlsx 1121 – Car Summer Standard, 17” and above, and Speed index W,Y,Z

** Labels data are predictions, final grading will be communicated at Product In Line announcement (label will be C E or C pending the size.)