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Fulda launches the Conveo Tour 2 in the Summer Light Truck tire range

The Conveo Tour 2 offers fleet companies and small and medium-sized enterprises more fuel efficiency and tire durability[1]

Brussels, April 2017 – Fulda, manufacturer of affordable German-quality tires, launches the Conveo Tour 2, its next generation of Summer Light Truck tires. With its enhanced features, the Conveo Tour 2 is set to deliver more fuel efficiency and tire durability[2] for light truck owners that are looking for a lower total cost of ownership. 

The Conveo Tour 2 was released in response to the growing Summer Light Truck segment. There is an expected increase of 12% in the production of vehicles fitted with light truck tires between 2016 and 2021[3]. 

Fuel efficiency and tire durability

Thanks to the EcoTread design, rolling resistance is reduced[4]. Thin profile cuts in all directions help to reduce the resistance when the tire rolls. As a result, less heat is produced during the deformation of the tire, resulting in less energy being lost in the form of frictional heat. This in turn helps to reduce fuel consumption. Additionally, the optimized construction and cavity shape make for enhanced durability[5].

Multiple AquaFlow Grooves for aquaplaning resistance

The Conveo Tour 2 has three large, circumferential profile grooves in the tread. These ensure that water can be effectively evacuated on a wet road, resulting in improved aquaplaning resistance[6]. In addition, the zigzag, notched profile design with biting edges increases grip.

The Conveo Tour 2 is available in 21 sizes, including 235/65 R16C for the popular Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

185R14C 102 R215/60R16C 103 T
195/60R16C 99 H205/75R16C 110 R
195/70R15C 104 S225/75R16C 121 R
205/70R15C 106 S195/65R16C 104 T
235/65R16C 115 S205/65R16C 107 T
195R14C 106 S215/65R16C 109 T
185/75R14C 102 R215/70R15C 109 S
185/75R16C 104 R215/75R16C 113 R
205/65R15C 102 T225/70R15C 112 S
215/65R16C 106 T225/65R16C 112 R
195/75R16C 107 S

[1] [2] [4] [5] [6] Compared to its predecessor.

[3] Based on internal data.