15:22 PM

Fulda launches new MultiControl: an all-season tire with many talents

Fulda is launching it’s first-ever all-season tire: the MultiControl. It is the ideal solution for drivers who want to drive safely in all seasons without having to change tires twice a year. Whether it’s on dry, wet, snow-covered or even icy roads, the “3D Bubble Blade” sipe technology, MultiControl grooves, advanced rubber compound as well as a wide and flat contact patch of the Fulda MultiControl provide high mileage and excellent handling characteristics in all weather conditions.

Excellent handling characteristics in all seasons
To achieve optimal balance between handling characteristics during summer and winter, the Fulda MultiControl uses “3D Bubble Blade” sipe technology. This ensures consistently good grip on snow or ice covered roads and in wet conditions, as well as providing driving stability on dry roads. The large number of sipes create many biting edges that hug the road surface as the tires rolls, resulting in better traction on snow and ice. At the same time, the sipes are able to interlock to form a stable unit when braking, accelerating or cornering. This increases the tire’s stability and noticeably improves steering precision. The end result: good handling characteristics and a high level of safety in all seasons.

The special MultiControl grooves channel water away effectively to reduce the risk of aquaplaning. The tire has additional reinforcement bridges including sipes between the MultiControl grooves. This gives the tire good grip in very slippery conditions, both if tires are new or (partly) worn.

Grip in all seasons
One of the biggest challenges in developing an all-season tire is the rubber compound, which needs to perform well in both cold winters and warm summers. The MultiControl uses an advanced rubber compound with very finely distributed silica fillers. This means that the adhesive properties of the tread compound remain constant in a wide range of temperatures, and the tire offers good grip in all temperatures and in all weather conditions.

The MultiControl does not only offer an excellent safety performance – thanks to its high mileage, it is also impressive from a value-for-money perspective. This is achieved by a wide, flat contact patch, which means more of the rubber surface area is in direct contact with the road surface and pressure is distributed optimally across the tire’s contact patch.

The MultiControl will be available as of autumn 2016 in 18 sizes, with widths ranging from 155 to 225 millimeters, rim diameters from 13 to 17 inches and aspect ratios from 45 to 70.