15:20 PM

Fulda Kristall Control HP2: outstanding performance in winter conditions

Fulda has developed a new high-performance winter tire for high-performance vehicles: the Kristall Control HP2. A multitude of modern technologies in the Fulda Kristall Control HP2 have been combined to create a tire that drivers can count on in winter conditions. It will be available in 35 sizes as of autumn of this year.

“Snow Catcher Technology” for improved traction
The Kristall Control HP2 uses “Snow Catcher Technology”, which works according to the principle that nothing sticks to snow better than snow itself. Profile grooves are arranged closely together to ensure that the snow stays within the tread profile and is heavily compressed. Overall, this leads to improved traction on snow.

3D “Bubble Blades” sipe technology for optimal balance
The 3D Bubble Blades sipe technology in the Kristall Control HP2 provides a good balance between grip and traction on snow and ice, and the necessary driving stability for excellent handling and braking performance. The sipes are fine slits in the tread blocks that grip the surface as the tires roll. The new Fulda winter tires have a large number of sipes and can therefore create many biting edges to enhance grip on snow.
In addition, the sipes have a self-locking effect. The “Bubble Blades” sipes have a rounded projection in their center. Thanks to this profile design, the sipes support one another under strong forces - for instance, when braking or taking corners on a dry road surface. This gives the tread blocks the necessary stability to produce excellent braking and handling characteristics as well as accurate steering behavior.

Innovative tread compound and optimal profile design
The Kristall Control HP2 has a full silica tread compound, which gives the tire grip at lower temperatures, thus ensuring better driving control in wintery conditions. The Fulda Kristall Control HP2 is not only outstanding in terms of its winter handling characteristics - it is also impressive in terms of its mileage. Thanks to the tire’s flat and wide contact patch, more rubber is in contact with the road surface. This means that there is an even distribution of pressure on the contact patch, resulting in better mileage.

The Kristall Control HP2 will be available as of autumn 2016 in 35 sizes, with widths ranging from 195 to 245 millimeters, rim diameters from 15 to 18 inches, and aspect ratios from 40 to 65.