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European Millennials eager to address future mobility challenges

Creative and innovative entries shaped the Goodyear “ThinkGoodMobility Challenge”

The ThinkGoodMobility jury was really pleased with the level of thought, quality and creativity that was put into the applications. It is clear young people across Europe see a lot of potential in flexible transport systems, autonomous vehicles, smart applications, virtual mobility systems and sustainable city management.

The “ThinkGoodMobility Challenge” gives a voice to the very people who might shape the future of mobility, the Millennials. From October 15 2015 till March 30 2016, university students across Europe were invited to share their ideas on how to address future mobility trends and challenges such as congestion, sustainability, urban pollution, interconnectivity, population growth and road safety towards 2025.

“The Challenge follows the recent “ThinkGoodMobility Survey,”  where young people across Europe clearly indicated that they don’t want to be seen as a generation that stood still and are in favour of more eco-friendly and smart safety technologies.  The challenge gives them the opportunity to come up with innovative, impactful and feasible ideas and concepts for smart and sustainable mobility” adds Carlos Cipollitti, General Director of the Goodyear Innovation Center in Luxembourg.

Take a look at the ThinkGoodMobility top 5 !

§ Siddartha Khastgir:  The SASS City concept: Smart Affordable Safe and Sustainable City concept

§ Artur Zabczyk:              Distributed Energy Recovery System

§ Alfonso Gomez:           SmartPark

4. Jacopo Runchi :           2-4 Wheel Modular Linkeable Vehicle

5. Thomas Vermin:  SmartSeat


The Top 3 will get the opportunity to further fine tune their idea and concept with the support of a team of expert coaches that will provide guidance on:

§ How to visualize, conceptualize and industrialize their idea,

§ How to turn the idea in a solid business case.

The winner of the challenge will be selected amongst the Top 3 on May 23.

For more information about the “ThinkGoodMobility Challenge”, the top 20 and the projects, visit http://www.thinkgoodmobility.goodyear.eu/


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