Goodyear creates Macro Worlds

#GoodAllYear: Goodyear creates Macro Worlds to illustrate the seasonal benefits of all-season tyres

Goodyear has launched a compact new social media campaign to demonstrate the seasonal safety and performance benefits of an all-season tyre.

The photography series features miniature figures on the surface of a Goodyear all-season tyre; with one scene per season portraying the different weather and environmental conditions drivers may face whilst out on the road. From spring showers and summer heat, to the autumn chill and even an icy winter, every condition that an all-season tyre may have to contend with. Goodyear’s pocket-size models coming to life upon the tread and in the sipes of the tyre, not only sun-bathing, cycling and skiing, but actually highlighting the features that, in their own right, give all-season products the all-weather capabilities that they need.

The release of these images follows the launch of the Vector 4Seasons Gen-3, the latest addition to Goodyear’s award-winning Vector 4Seasons range, first introduced in May 2020. Featuring Goodyear’s Snow Grip, Dry Handling and Aqua Control technology, this new product offering provides drivers with the very best improved snow, dry and wet-weather performance.

Looking further afield, the all-season segment is beginning to see a great deal of consumer interest. The industry has grown 21% between 2016 and 2020 and 20% of consumer are willing to pay a higher price for the tyres. Goodyear alone has sold 25 million all-season tyres in the past ten years and earned more test wins than any other brand*, the most recent of which includes Tyre Reviews’ prestigious 2020 17” All Season Tyre Test.

Andy Marfleet, Marketing Director, Goodyear, comments:As the original inventor of the all-season tyre, we at Goodyear are huge believers in the merit of offering a product that performs in all conditions. Whether that performance is required in wet, dry or – as winter approaches – even snowy weather, we hope that these beautiful images will provide an eye-catching demonstration of the wide range of conditions in which an all-season tyre will be at its best. Ultimately, we want to show that a single tyre really can be good all year.




*Based on 34 tests conducted by 18 leading and independent European tire magazines from January 2015 to December 2019. The calculation is based on the number of tests Goodyear won in the all-season segment versus all competitors tested. More information is available at