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Dunlop Sport Classic wins ‘Auto Bild Klassik’ vintage tire test

Dunlop Sport Classic won the accolade for “best classic car tire”1 in the German magazine ‘Auto Bild Klassik’. The tire was lauded for its short wet and dry braking distances, stable cornering and steering precision.

Brussels, June 4th, 2018 – Owners of classic cars are always looking for the best of both worlds when it comes to their vehicles: a classic look and feel combined with modern handling and braking performance. With the launch of its Sport Classic, Dunlop acknowledged that the tires for classic vehicles deserve state-of-the art technology, while maintaining a vintage look and feel. The Auto Bild Klassik vintage tire test confirmed that Dunlop has responded to those consumer needs by awarding it the test win.

The Dunlop Sport Classic was recognized for its outstanding performance in wet handling and braking, and lower tire noise.

Compared to its competitors the Dunlop Sport Classic had the best braking performance in wet road conditions. When coming to a full stop from 100 km/h the Sport Classic had a 1.3-meter shorter braking distance than the next best competitor.1

‘Auto Bild Klassik’ also tested the tires on their steering behavior, wet grip and stability. In this handling assessment, the Dunlop Sport Classic came out on top as well,1 showing that it can provide drivers with an excellent driving experience.

As Dunlop uses the latest compound and construction technology, it received top marks for its low tire noise, leaving the rest of the competition behind.

In response to the test win Mike Rytokoski, Chief Marketing Officer for Goodyear Europe, said: “The Dunlop Sport Classic was introduced to meet a growing market demand and offer drivers of classic cars a modern but authentic looking tire. The ‘Auto Bild Klassik’ vintage tire test confirms that the technologies used in this tire give these drivers exactly the performance they are looking for.”

About Dunlop

Dunlop is one of the world’s leading brands for high and ultra-high performance tires with an impressive track record of motor sport successes. Dunlop’s extensive racing experience has led to innovative technologies for tires designed for everyday motoring. Always looking to maximize driving pleasure, Dunlop offers all types of motorists the performance and durability of the latest tire technologies. For more information on Dunlop, visit www.dunlop.eu

1 Auto Bild Klassik (GER) - Summer 2018 - 205/70R14 - Dulop Sport Classik, Pirelli Cinturato CN36, Maxxis MA-Pa, Vredenstein Sprint Classic, Michelin XMX, Retro TC001