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Dunlop reveals secrets of new hypersport tyre: SportSmart Mk3

  • Innovation never ends: SportSmart Mk3 is Dunlop’s 5th new hypersport tyre in just 2 years.
  • Designed for road sport riders who are looking for the very highest level of overall performance on the road.
  • Full reveal in early 2019
After months of development and research, Dunlop has finally revealed details of its latest hypersport tyre, the SportSmart Mk3. Designed for a wide range of sports bikes, including superbikes and the growing hyper-naked sector, the SportSmart Mk3 is Dunlop’s fifth new hypersport tyre to be launched in just two years. 
Will riders be ready to tear up the rule book?
Dunlop states that SportSmart Mk3 ‘tears up the rule book’, having been developed to satisfy the demands of the rider who wants the maximum from the road riding experience, whatever the conditions. This launch gives Dunlop the most dynamic & comprehensive range for sports bikes.
The Dunlop hypersport range now comprises:
Professional Racer - D213 GP Pro – Launched Summer 2017 
Experienced Track Rider - GP Racer D212 – Launched January 2017 
50/50 road/track use: SportSmart TT - Launched March 2018 
Road Rider with occasional track use - SportSmart Mk3 – On sale from January 2019
Performance rider seeking value - SportSmart2 Max - Launched March 2017
Technology matters
The SportSmart Mk3 features an all-new compound. This has been developed to give riders confidence in more challenging conditions, providing a fast warm-up time and a significant step forward in terms of overall grip versus its predecessor. This totally new compound is the result of a match between Dunlop’s latest ‘Hi Silica’ and ‘Fine Carbon’ technologies, boosted by a new grip resin. This innovative tread compound is matched to a distinctive grooved pattern. Dunlop engineers have developed this to improve wet grip, but also to enhance dry performance and mileage. 
More details around key technologies will be revealed during the 2019 product launch, but internal tests have shown meaningful gains (including gains of up to 20% in wet grip compared to Dunlop’s SportSmart2 Max). 
Luca Davide Andreoni, Marketing Manager, Motorcycle Europe said:  ‘Our bold mission of tearing up the rule book meant we focused on reducing compromise and ensured that we created a tyre that could excel in all conditions. SportSmart Mk3 is capable of delivering the best road riding experience possible for hypersport riders. We set out to create the ultimate road-going sports tyre and look forward to hear the first feedback from the marketplace.’
The Dunlop SportSmart Mk3 will be launched in 5 rear sizes and 1 front size.