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Dunlop launches Sport Classic, its latest High Performance tire designed for classic cars

Brussels, April 2017 - Dunlop, one of the world’s leading brands for High and Ultra-High Performance tires, announces the launch[1] of its new Dunlop Sport Classic, meeting the needs of classic car drivers and optimized for the High Performance vehicles of the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s.

Strong Vintage Heritage

The Dunlop Sport Classic is the latest in a long line of tires that allow classic car drivers to rely on Dunlop’s strong heritage. A trip down memory lane reveals that from the ‘50s to the ‘70s, Dunlop achieved great fame with a range of Racing Tires (mainly Crossply CR65 and R5 patterns) for Touring and GT Le Mans Cars. Also during the ‘60s, Dunlop released the Aquajet tire within the High Performance segment. Dunlop’s firm commitment to the historic tire market means keeping these two ranges in production, to allow historic race and road drivers to continue to use the authentic product.

Classic Look, Modern Performance

Dunlop Sport Classic tires offer classic car owners the best of both worlds:

a classic look and feel, combined with modern handling and braking performance. The latest construction and compound technologies provide grip, stability and steering in wet and dry conditions[2], whilst the tread pattern still has the typical authentic appearance cherished by classic car owners.

Martijn de Jonge, Brand Director Consumer PBU EMEA: “To meet growing market demand and building on our heritage, Dunlop is proud to offer drivers of classic cars an authentic, classic looking tire, with modern High Performance tire technologies.”

Features and Benefits

  • Modern silica compound delivers increased adaptability* to the road’s surface, resulting in an excellent wet grip and braking performance.
  • State-of-the-art reinforced overlay allows for a stronger carcass*, guaranteeing an optimized on-road contact patch. This creates tire stability and steering precision, even at higher speeds.
  • Classic tread pattern, with optimized grooves and high number of multi-oriented blocks, generates numerous biting edges for increased grip. Together with the efficient groove distribution design for better water evacuation, the tread pattern offers improved wet grip and aquaplaning resistance*.
  • Latest shoulder block technology, with robust shoulder blocks and reinforced connections, provide increased stiffness* to optimize force transmission. This offers the improved dry handling and braking* we have come to expect from modern Ultra High Performance tires, while at the same time maintaining that steering feel so typical of classic cars. 

The tire will be available from May 2017, and comes in the following sizes: 

Tire sizeAvailibility Car fitment
165/80HR15 87 H 1-Jul-2017   Porsche 356, 911, 912, 914; VW Käfer, Karmann; Volvo Amazon, PV 544
185/80 HR14 91 H1-Aug-2017  BMW 2000 CS; MB W108, W116; Opel; Triumph Stag 
185/80 VR15 93 W1-Aug-2017Aston Martin DB5, DB6; Bentley S1/S2; MB 300 SL; Jaguar E-Type; Mk 2;
195/70 VR14 91 V 1-May-2017Alfa Romeo Montreal; BMW 2,5-3,3L; Chevrolet; Ford USA; Glas 2600; MB /8, W 123;, Pagode W113, Opel Commodore, Monza, Senator; Rover Vitesse, 3500; Ferrari Dino front axle 
205/70 VR14 95 W1-Jul-2017BMW CSI; Bitter CD; Chevrolet; Ferrari Dino,308; Fiat Dino; Ford USA; MB : SL R/W107, W108, W116, W126; Opel Diplomat;
185/70 VR15 89 V 1-Jun-2017Austin Healey; Jaguar Mk2; MG A; Porsche 356; 911; 924; Triumph TR; VW Käfer;
205/70 VR15 96 W1-Aug-2017Ferrari 250 GT; Jaguar Mk II, E-Type, XJ; MB 300 SL; Rover 3,5;
215/70 VR15 98 W1-Jul-2017Aston Martin, Ferrari 365 GT, GTB, GTC; Jaguar Double Six, Jensen Interceptor; Maserati Khamsin;
205/60 VR13 86 V1-Aug-2017BMW 02, E21; Ford Capri, Escort; Opel Ascona, Manta; VW Golf I, II; 
215/60 VR15 94 V1-Jun-2017Porsche 356, 911 (HA); Audi Quattro 100, 200 Typ 44; Jaguar; Volvo;

About Dunlop

Dunlop is one of the world’s leading brands for high and ultra-high performance tires with an impressive track record of motor sport successes. Dunlop’s extensive racing experience has led to innovative technologies for tires designed for everyday motoring. Always looking to maximize driving pleasure, Dunlop offers all types of motorists the performance and durability of the latest tire technologies. For more information on Dunlop, visit www.dunlop.eu

[1] Available as of May 2017

[2] Results based on internal benchmark tests

(*) Results based on internal benchmark tests