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Dębica launches Frigo SUV2, the new SUV tire for all winter conditions

To accommodate the fast-growing SUV market, the leading Polish tire company Dębica introduces its Frigo SUV2, a wallet-friendly tire that is suitable for all winter conditions.

Excellent grip in all winter conditions

Drivers will experience a strong grip on snowy roads thanks to the SUV Optimized Multi Directional tread design, which features multiple edges and sipes that dig into the snow to provide extra grip. Furthermore, the tire’s new wide footprint delivers more contact between the tire and the road; delivering a great braking performance on icy surfaces.

The Dębica Frigo SUV2 also features a full V-Shaped tread design which disperses water effectively – providing enhanced aquaplaning resistance.

Last but not least, the tire has a low rolling resistance tire construction that reduces energy loss and lowers a car’s fuel consumption.

Piotr Nagalski, Marketing Director for Dębica Europe: “When our engineers created the Dębica Frigo SUV2, we purposely designed it to deliver strong performance at a reasonable price. Drivers now have a tire which excels in all winter conditions while being friendly to the wallet.”

The Dębica Frigo SUV2 is the latest addition to Debica’s winter product portfolio, which already consists of the Frigo 2 and Frigo HP2. This new winter SUV tire will be available in six sizes. Half of them will be on the market by October 2018, while five sizes in total will be available by the end of the year.

AvailableTire size
July 1st, 2018235/65 R17 108 H XL
October 1st, 2018225/65 R17 106 H XL
October 1st, 2018215/60 R17 96 H
December 1st, 2018225/60 R17 103 V XL
December 1st, 2018235/60 R18 107 H XL
September 1st, 2019255/55 R18 109 H XL


Tire Company Dębica S.A. is a leading tire manufacturer in the Polish market. TC Dębica S.A. is the largest investor and employer in Debica and the Podkarpacie region, it employs almost 2,900 people and cooperates with more than 300 local companies.