08:07 AM

Caravanning is the new cool

As European travelers are increasingly looking for unique experiences and considering the caravan as a mode of transport to get closer to "real" emotions, Goodyear takes them to unique places as part of its ‘Made to Feel Good’ Summer Campaign.

Travelling has become more and more accessible, especially within Europe. But the current ease of reaching a holiday destination has also sparked a newfound demand for authentic and unique travel experiences. Think beautiful sceneries, mesmerizing cities or unexpected places. Starting June 22nd, Goodyear, one of the world's largest tire companies, will give adventurers the opportunity to stay the night at unique and usually unattainable places in a caravan. With Goodyear’s slogan ‘Made to Feel Good’ in mind, Goodyear expands with this campaign its mission of giving people the experience of a comfortable journey to their inspiring destination.

A person’s feel good place is not only that which feels familiar, but also new experiences and discovering beautiful places can make someone happy. And travelling by caravan has become increasingly popular to reach these authentic places. Dr. Dimitrios Tsivrikos, Consumer and Business Psychologist at the University College of London, explains: “Caravans are increasingly becoming consumers' vessels for a bespoke and authentic journey. In this vein consumers are fully in control of their surroundings and path, which creates a sense of freedom and excitement that few other travel means can create.

This campaign embodies the essence of Goodyear’s ‘Made to Feel Good’ credo by offering unique experiences to never forget. Goodyear wants to inspire consumers to enjoy adventures that they haven’t encountered before, all the while providing them with the peace of mind of a safe and reliable journey”, says Alexis Bortoluzzi, Marketing Director Consumer EMEA Goodyear Dunlop.

Consumers across Europe have the opportunity to stay in this unique feel good place via https://goodyear-feelgoodplaces.com and spend the night in a furnished and decorated caravan specifically designed to provide a refreshing holiday. People can follow the mobile feel good place on its six-week adventure on Goodyear’s social media channels http://www.facebook.com/goodyear, www.instagram.com/goodyear_emea and http://www.twitter.com/GoodyearPress) and book an overnight stay, free-of-charge. Each location will only be revealed a few days before arrival, on social media and on Goodyear’s travel blog, which will be integrated on Goodyear’s Facebook page. Those interested in the Goodyear experience will have to act fast and book their overnight stay on Airbnb, first come first serve.