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After 24,000km, Motorrad declares Dunlop GPR-300 as ‘First Choice’

Dunlop leads tyre test of seven brands after 24,000km of testing

  • Dunlop GPR-300 praised for steering precision and grip
  • Dunlop GPR-300 is ‘First choice for BMW G310R riders’


Dunlop’s recently introduced GPR-300 was rated as ‘first choice’ by the respected German magazine, Motorrad, as part of their long-distance test of handling, durability and performance.  

Motorrad used a BMW G310R. This is a model which, as a lightweight sports bike, is also typically used for commuting and daily road riding so was the perfect choice for a high mileage durability test. 

Motorrad strongly praised the Dunlop: “A year ago, the GPR300 celebrated a brilliant debut on the Kawasaki Z900RS. And on the BMW, the Dunlop is excellent as well. Great steering precision, very good feedback, good grip and decidedly easy turning. It all adds up to an exciting package. The Dunlop is the first choice for the G310R.”

As a result of this extensive test, Motorrad awarded Dunlop the coveted “MOTORRAD PRAXIS tipp“ . This is a recommendation only reserved for products that have passed the magazine’s rigorous testing programmes with the highest scores.

Dunlop introduced the GPR-300 into their sports tyre range to offer an option for riders who were seeking a good value tyre for commuting and touring use.

Luca Davide Andreoni , Marketing Manager, Dunlop Motorcycle Europe, explained the rationale behind the GPR-300: “Dunlop has a wide range of sports tyres for track and road use. There’s a growing demand from riders who want performance but are using their sports bikes for everyday use. Therefore, wet grip, mileage and comfort are as important to them as handling and performance. We are delighted that Motorrad has recognised that the Dunlop GPR-300 is the perfect tyre for this type of rider”

The Dunlop GPR-300 performance is derived from a combination of technologies. A sport pattern designed for strong wet performance, coupled with a silica-blend compound, provides high mileage and reassuring grip. Dunlop also introduced a new advanced belt design and Jointless Band (JLB) rear tyre construction on GPR-300. This utilizes a continuously wound belt for smooth performance and a consistent tyre contact patch. The benefit of this is improved grip, but also enhanced rider comfort for commuting a touring use.  

The Dunlop GPR-300 is available in a range of six front and seven rear tyre sizes.

Test Details:

GPR-300 was tested by MOTORRAD (Issue 20/2018) on a BMW G310R (50.000km endurance-test BMW G310R) and received the award „MOTORRAD PRAXIS tipp“!