• 20-MAR-2017

  • Mireval, France

Dunlop SportSmart2 Max – Testing proves significant step forward in performance, grip and handling

- 8% improvement in dry curved braking

- 11% improvement in low speed maneuverability

-22% improvement in mileage

Dunlop has declared impressive results from initial testing of their innovative replacement for SportSmart2, the Dunlop SportSmart2 Max.

Dunlop’s rigorous testing and evaluation process has delivered a strong step forward. The development team was given the goal of retaining the previous SportSmart2 ‘s ultimate grip, but set new standards in handling, mileage and maneuverability.

Dunlop’s testing process involved a range of five different sports bikes shared between three experienced test riders. The riders tested a range of different prototype tyres and the subjective results were validated against the company’s objective test data.

The test results showed a big improvement in several focus areas comparing the SportSmart2 Max versus its well-regarded predecessor.

Most notably, in curved braking the new tyre delivered an 8% improvement in the dry.

The SportSmart2 Max has also proved to be a versatile performer.  All the test riders reported that the tyre had much lighter handling at low speeds, giving nimble and agile urban handling to complement the tyre’s impressive high speed performance. In testing, the riders graded the maneuverability at over 11% better than its predecessor.

Enduring Performance

This construction reduces tyre deformation caused by centrifugal forces at high speed, especially at lean angles, and has been proven to improve front tyre durability by a staggering 25%.*

*Dunlop Europe Internal testing comparing SportSmart2 Max with the original Dunlop SportSmart2