• 13-APR-2016

Fulda Launches New Ecocontrol 2+ and Ecoforce 2+ Truck Tires

New Fulda value for money range gives more mileage[1] and all season performance

Fulda announces new steer and drive truck tires in its value-for-money on-road truck tire line-up, which offer more mileage and all season performance compared to the predecessors.  The new range comprises the Ecocontrol 2+ steer tire and Ecoforce 2+ drive tire. In addition, with the launch of the latest Fulda truck tire generation the Fulda truck tire portfolio will be extended with a new size.

The new Fulda truck tires represent the ideal choice for fleets looking for a versatile solution to face today business challenges at an attractive price level.  Among the benefits offered are a wider choice of sizes, an up to 10% higher mileage[2], improved label grades in some sizes and M+S as well as 3-Peak-Mountain-Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol winter markings for both steer and drive.  All tires carry the latest generation tread pattern and modern sidewall design of the Fulda truck tire family.

The new Ecocontrol 2+ steer tire line now includes seven sizes covering the most popular applications with the inclusion of new the size 385/55R22.5.  All Ecocontrol 2+ tires meet the stringent 3PMSF as well as M+S winter tire performance requirements which means that it complies with Europe’s highest legal winter tire requirements.

The Ecoforce 2+ drive tire line comprises five popular sizes.  These too all meet the stringent 3PMSF as well as M+S winter performance requirements.  The new features incorporated in the design and construction of the new Ecocontrol 2+ steer tires include optimized tread profile, sipe geometry, an extra rib on the 385/55R22.5 and 385/65R22.5 versions and an optimized tread compound compared to the predecessor.  The tread profile gives uniform wear and good mileage.  High wet performance, all season capability and low external noise are the benefits from the special sipe geometry.  The sixth rib on wider tires ensures even distribution of the contact pressure, and is key to uniform wear and snow grip.  The new tread compound results in an improvement of up to 10% in mileage[3] compared with the predecessors as well as increased robustness against groove cracking.

The Ecoforce 2+ drive tires also benefit from a special tread profile for uniform wear and good mileage.  They further feature high wearable rubber volume connecting humps with partially open ribs in the tread shoulders and three block type central ribs.  These features give the benefits of good mileage and traction through the whole tire life, good handling and stability, all season mobility and up to 10% more mileage[4] compared with the compared with the predecessors as well as increased robustness.

Fulda On-road Truck Tire Range

The Econtrol 2+ steer tire and Ecoforce 2+ drive tire both with 3PMSF and M+S winter performance markings complete the latest Fulda truck tire range now comprising the Fulda Ecocontrol 2+ steer tire, the Fulda Ecoforce 2+ drive tire and the new Ecotonn 2 trailer tire.

The new Fulda truck tires will be available progressively starting from now on to September 2016 in the following sizes:

Fulda Ecocontrol 2+ steer: 315/80R22.5, 295/80R22.5, 315/70R22.5 385/55R22.5 (new size), 315/60R22.5, 295/60R22.5 and 385/65R22.5.

Fulda Ecoforce 2+ drive: 315/80R22.5, 295/80R22.5, 315/60R22.5, 315/70R22.5 and 295/60R22.5.

About Fulda

Founded in 1900, Fulda is a German tire brand offering quality products that provide safe, long-lasting performance offering outstanding value for money. Fulda is one of the leading brands in Germany, offering a range of top quality, reliable products for passenger car, light truck, truck and farm applications. Fulda products are designed to offer safe driving, even in the most challenging conditions. Continuous research and development programs ensure that Fulda tires are using the latest technologies and materials.

Regular recommendations from independent tests are proof of the high quality levels of Fulda products.

For further information please visit www.fulda.com.

[1] Compared to the predecessors. May vary depending on size

[2] Compared to the predecessors. May vary depending on size

[3] Compared to the predecessors. May vary depending on size

[4] Compared to the predecessors. May vary depending on size


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